Effective communication in English

Our small team of copy-editors has extensive experience in copy-editing academic texts, including journal articles, book manuscripts, and research proposals. We specialise in editing texts in the fields of sociology, psychology, political science, and study of religions. Our aim is to ensure that you communicate your research effectively.

The right team for your text

When we receive your text, we will allocate it to the two copy-editors whom we consider to have the most expertise in the field in question. As many of our clients are not native speakers of English, we also consider the native language of the author when choosing who should edit the text at hand. If you are a native German speaker writing in English, we can ensure that your text is edited by someone who speaks German.

Our copy-editing process

From start to finish our copy-editing process is focused on quality and providing a personal service. At the beginning of any project, we spend time reading the text and collecting information to ensure we have fully understood the topic at hand. We will listen carefully to your personal requirements, and may draw up a copy-editing brief.

Your text will then be edited by two copy-editors. In addition to correcting spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors, our copy-editors ensure consistency in your text, flag ambiguous or factually incorrect statements, and revise the text to ensure your message comes across clearly. We will also ensure that your text conforms with any style guide requirements.

Our copy-editors will be likely to communicate with you on a number of occasions during the copy-editing process to ask questions and – where relevant – ensure that we have correctly interpreted anything that is ambiguous.

After we send you the copy-edited document, we make it our policy to follow up and ensure you are satisfied with the work. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. We will have thought carefully about our editing decisions and will be happy to explain them to you.


There are two pricing systems available:
1. an hourly rate, in which case we would review the text and give an estimate of the cost, or
2. a project price, where we would state the full cost up front and be bound by our quote

Quotes and estimates are valid for 14 days. We have a minimum charge of €100 (excl. VAT). Surcharges may apply for urgent work or non-editable documents.

For larger copy-editing commissions such as a text or a sequence of several texts totalling more than 25,000 words, our standard practice is to charge a non-refundable deposit of 25% of the expected total copy-editing fee on acceptance of the quote or estimate. The remainder must be paid on delivery of the copy-edited document.

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